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COBRIGHT 60W Solar LED lights illuminate Saudi Arabia's large farm

In July, 2017, COBRIGHT 60W Solar LEDstreet lamp successfully has been installed in a big industrial park whichlocated in Saudi Arabia

In order to save the energy shortage,most of countries are promoting energy-saving now. Our Saudi Arabia customeruse COBRIGHT energy-saving environmental protection solar LED street lightsystem to lighting their own farm. The traditional high pressure sodium lamphas cost huge electricity per day. And COBRIGHT all in one solar led streetlight is their best choice.

Besides the energy saving, COBRIGHT60W solar led lighting also have a CCTV camera, it can help to monitor allconditions the entire farm.

CCTV camera supports for 32G memorycard, it support remote control, and also can watch the video at home or inanother city, it has totally solved the problem for lighting and monitortogether, and has perfectly solved the problem of clients in max.

Customer has totally installed for110sets 60W solar light, and till now it has worked for 2months now, recentlywe have received clients’ feedback that they reflects our 60w solar LED street lighteffects quite well compared with traditional street lamps, it is high brightness,uniformity is very good, no glare, soft light and comfortable, effectively improvethe farm lighting in night as well as monitor function. By the praise ofenterprises in the park, the customer is very satisfied with the effect of theinstallation.

COBRIGHT CCTV camera solar LED streetlamps has been settled a successful demo in Saudi Arabia market. This hasfurther strengthened COBRIGHT confidence in the Middle East solar lightingmarket. In the future we will improve more technology for street lamp toclients for a win-win cooperation for more projects.