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Solar street lamps VS Electricity Street lights

Nowadays Solar LED street lamps are gradually taking replace of the electricity street lights by its own advantages. By the mentioned solar lamps, most of us are no strangers, in villages many rural roads have installed solar street lamps, it was energy saving, environmental protection and easy installation. Therefore, what are the advantages of solar street lamps compared to city powered lights? Today, CRESOLAR will talk about their difference from the three aspects. First of all from the security which is the most important part, then compared the cost between them, and finally through the installation to contrast:

1, Safety contrast:

Due to the reform of construction quality and landscape engineering, the city electric lighting road lamp brings many hidden dangers, such as aging of material, abnormal power supply, conflict of water, electric and pipeline. Because the solar street lamp is 100% power by sunshine, it doesn’t have any cable, and adopts 12 - 24V low voltage, the voltage is stable, the operation is reliable, and there is no hidden danger of safety.  It is the ideal product of the ecological district and the highway department.

2, Cost comparison:

City circuit lamp costs electricity, except it has an expensive electricity bill, but also has complex lines, during the using, it needs labors to do uninterrupted line maintenance in a long-term. Especially, in same voltage instability situation, the sodium lamp is easy to break inevitably. Also with the extension of number of years, the aging of the line and the cost of maintenance are increasing year by year. However, Solar Street light is a one time investment but long-term benefit. Because no cable needed, so there is no maintenance cost, do not have any electricity bill. It can recover the costs by 6 - 7 years, and can save about RMB1, 000,000 of the electricity and maintenance costs in the next 3 - 4 years.

3, Installation comparison

There are complicated operating procedures in the construction of city circuit lights. First of all, the cable should be set up, trenching, cloth pipes, pipes, threading, backfill and other large civil construction, consuming a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. Finally, debugging, once there is a problem, it will cause great consumption. When the solar street lamp is installed, the complicated circuit is not needed, only a cement base is made for the pole, and fix the solar lamp on the pole is OK, too simple and easy. Saving a lot labor cost!